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Our Story

IKONIK, hard rock band born from the melting pot of New York City with a unique blistering sound best described as funk rock with soulful melodic lyrics. The bands live shows have sold out legendary New York City venues such as CBGB's, Don Hills, The Continental, Snitch and more.

With the lyrical stylings of Jayson Castor, son of the IKONIK Jimmy Castor, the guitar wizardry of Russell Ort, John Ricco's pounding bass as a foundation and the funk rhythm drumming of Duncan Whitney, IKONIK represents music for today.

Individually, while playing in other bands, six degrees of separation brought the group together. One jam session and IKONIK was born. A family united in a love of music despite their differences in personality and musical styles. In fact, these differences are what makes IKONIK unique...each member brings their own sound, be it hip-hop, funk, rock, or metal, to the table.

IKONIK builds on a variety of genres, infusing the mix with their own unique sound. To quote Jayson's lyrics from the bands single Breakin The Rule IKONIK is a "military of diverse individuals whose main focus is Unity."

For IKONIK, it's truly all about the music - and this is why their mission is so important to each member and to IKONIK as a band. They are devoted to each other and their unique musical sound.

Simply put it's real in a time of not so real, it's NYC at its core, its IKONIK - join the mission!

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